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Free Weekend on Kindle - 14th/15th May (PDT)

On the 13th October, 2003, Science stopped, magic returned and the adventure began.

Fantasy Adventure

Book #1 available from Amazon (Kindle, Paperback and Kindle Unlimited)

Now available from Audible

Swords, Sorcery & Pseudoscience

On 13th October 2003, Science stopped... Cars stopped. Phones went dead. Planes fell from the sky. In the years to come, the billions dependent on technology would die, leaving a people coming to terms with what came next. By the following day, the art of magick had already started to reassert itself.

Magick and myth and monsters, once confined to fairy tale, was loosed onto the world. The world of science and technology was a thing of the past; the realm of magick had taken its place. It is a dangerous place, no matter what path you take, no matter what side you’re on.

For astrophysicist Edgar Cole, science was his world and his world of science was destroyed in just one day. His path would lead him through the changing face of North America, encountering adventurers and monsters, all the way to an unexpected discovery.

A thousand years ago, the wizard Thaddeus Gonne lost almost everything. Magick was stripped from the world, to be reduced to fodder for your Monday night Dungeons & Dragons game. A thousand years later, magick has returned, and while the why must be asked, the politics of wizards and warlocks is first to grab his attention.

And after seeing visions of the world brought to its knees once more by the horrors created by technology, young witch of Providence RI, Danika Netherton strikes out to ensure her world of mystery and magick and witches and wonder would not be so easily destroyed. Through these three very different perspectives, Rise, the Quantamancer begins the Quantamancy saga with aplomb!"

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