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Book #1 - Loose Change


Betwixt, between & behind the real world is another one waiting for you. It may try to kill you. Try not to take it too personally. 

A world within a world, veiled London is just like the London of modern day. They exist in the same space and time, but those who can perceive it, those with the right sight can see a London beyond the veil; a place were monsters and magic are just parts of daily life. 

Our story follows Oliver Vance, a Scriven. A broker for the magical economy of veiled London. You want a deal which can't be broken, go to a Scriven. A war between two tribes of something or others has come to an end and everyone involved needs to trust that the treaty will hold? Call your local Scriven. 

They are middlemen, mediators, and minters of the only currency that counts for anything in veiled London, all rolled up into one. They serve the nobility of the high tower, the denizens of the gutter, and everyone in between. A necessary evil and one which is viewed contemptuously by various reasons. 

In "Loose Change", Oliver Vance is recruited to find a missing girl; one who both may not want to be found and is being literally hunted by half the city. Find the girl, stop a war, make some profit. As easy as that. 

Book #2 ("Sunday Morning Shrapnel" [WT] ) is expected in late 2022/early 2023

Book #1 - the Time of the Timeless
Book #2 - Tomes, Tumult & Trickery


"At R'lyeh, Cthulhu sleeps. He dreams! He dreams!" the crazed cultist screamed as he charged. 

"Well, he can fucking stay that way!" Gabriela announced, gunning him down. 

The Parliament series follows a group of investigators, warriors and mystics as they dare to stave, thwart and otherwise frustrate the activities of the Yogsothery; the pantheon of Lovecraftian alien gods hell-bent on the destruction of the human race. 

More thriller than horror, more science fiction than fantasy, the story of the Parliament of Crowe skips past the usual discovery phase of many Lovecraftian stories. They know about Cthulhu's attempted rising in the late 1920's. They know about Innsmouth's relationship with Dagon. They know the names of the things they fight. Presented to the world through the forgotten writings of a mad New England writer, the Parliament knows that facts are hidden beneath all that fiction. 

This doesn't mean they know everything. Far from it. They know much of that which has gone before and dare to believe their salvation lies somewhere in the darker, obscured parts of their collective history. 

Their fight isn't to discover, but to uncover. It isn't to defeat the enemy through force of arms; the forces aligned against them are just too massive. To consider them fully would break the mind of any man. They only have one hope; to dare to understand their way through this darkness and into the light of a new age of man. 

Book #3 is expected in 2023

Books #1 - Rise, the Quantamancer


New Music, altered history, suppressed arcane mysteries, 

Maths, science, electricity, Einstein & astronomy;

Everything change with a bang.

In October 2003, science came to an end. Cars ground to a halt, phones and computers stopped working, and planes quite literally fell from the sky. Science was no more. In its place, Magick had returned. Fifteen years later, we follow the exploits of an old wizard, a young witch, and an astrophysicist each finding their own way through post-science America. 

The world has changed. Science is not what it was. Technology is no more. Magick now rules. It doesn't matter what kind of magic, from hermetic wizardry to cultist warlocks, green witches and fey wyld magics. Its time in the shadows of the world came to an end on that fateful autumn day. Magick is now the way of the modern world. 

It was an unmistakably painful transition. Billions dead across the world, some as a direct result of the fall of civilization, others in the chaos and scarcity that followed. The majority of those who survived were the ones who pledged themselves to the new world; those who believed in magic. 

Through the lens of a wandering bard, we see the old world in a new way. The old names of New York and Albany, Boston and Connecticut still existed, but the commonwealths they represented, the political structures which defined them no longer did; the United States of America is no more, but there are plenty of Americans still left.

Magick is change, something the world was long overdue for. The effects of that change? Only time will tell. 

Books #1 - Keiretsu Heresy


"Every new era begins with a birth." 

"On the eve of the biggest merger in MegaCorp history, one of the most influential men in one of the merging companies goes missing. As the clock ticks ever closer to the hour of merging, it is up to a soldier from one company and a spy from the other to bring him home before someone else finds him and brings him to harm." 

The year is 2183 and the world is dominated by the MegaCorporations; seven massive, world-spanning businesses fighting for whatever there is to be claimed, controlled or co-opted. On the second day of September, two of these corporations plan to make history by merging; a merger which will create the first GigaCorporation; an act which will send unprecedented ripples across the domains of politics, commerce and war. 

With hundreds of thousands of livelihoods and lives in the balance, with trillions of credits in shares and shorts, puts and products on the line, Harrison Webb disappears. 

(Soon to be former) Second-in-line to the chairmanship of OmniTech, Webb is the man who knows where all the bodies are buried, because he was the one who supplied the shovel. 

The race is on to find him before he ends up hurt, hurting someone else or, more worryingly, the prospective merger comes to harm. 

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