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Imagine a world where the works of H.P. Lovecraft, August Derleth and many, many more depicted real events. Imagine a place where the Great Dreamer Cthulhu did rise, albeit briefly, in the 1920s, only to return to his contentious slumber; a place where men and women are routinely led astray by alien gods with promises of gold or power or both. Imagine a place where the hallowed halls of the great Miskatonic University still ring with the footsteps of those fateful adventurers who made it all the way south to the Mountain of Madness. 

What would that world be like today, almost a hundred years after Howard Philips Lovecraft first attempted to get his prophetic visions from the void out of his head and onto paper? 

The world would be very much like our own, sorry to say, with the exception of the few who knew the truth about Lovecraft's visions of alien gods. They would be armed with that knowledge, an awareness that beyond the thin veil of atmosphere lay an intent which was so demonic, so despotic, that the only thing they could do was fight it. That is the Cause. That is the fight that the Parliament of Crowe fight. 

It is a fight that gets more fraught every night. With every new encounter, every resurgence of an ancient cult, every monster and proxy and avatar that seeks to step foot on the Earth, this desperate fight takes another life, another soul, another friend. 

When the fight appears impossible, a stalemate becomes a cherished victory. 

A Lovecraftian campaign

Books #1 & #2 available from Amazon
(Kindle, Paperback and Kindle Unlimited)

Book #3 is expected in 2022


the Time of the Timeless

(Book #1 - Parliament of Crowe)

In 1926, Jacob Crowe, the infamous leader of the Parliament of Crowe, was lost during an albeit successful operation against the diabolic Esoteric Cult of Dagon. The world was saved, but Jacob was gone. In 2018, as if on schedule, the cult of Dagon rose once more. 

It has been a difficult century. Without a Crowe to lead, the generational Parliament of Crowe went silent, dormant. Those of Jacob's Parliament, those who were touched, influenced by him, would continue to play key roles in the fight against the Yogsothery. Unwilling or unable to let go of the mortal coil, two of them (Caleb Foster & Elizabeth Stratford) have been at the forefront of the conflict. Almost a hundred years later, both weathered by time, though neither appearing as frail or as old as they should be, they meet to discuss the most pressing of matters; the reformation of the Parliament of Crowe. 

The last heir of Jacob Crowe, an anthropology professor at the renowned Miskatonic University, has begun to stretch forth his hand. With no small help from Caleb's second (Gabriella Alvarez), Jeremy Chambers takes down a brain-eating demon. He may be ready to join the fight, but is he ready to lead? 

With the Parliament alumni tentatively agreeing to the reformation, and recruiting the powerful medium (Michelle Woods) and a skilled investigator (Abigail Raynor), the new iteration of the Parliament of Crowe steps forward to once more thwart the Esoteric Cult of Dagon. 

Tomes, Tumult & Trickery

(Book #2 - Parliament of Crowe)

Lost, but not forgotten, Jacob Crowe has returned. With no recollection of where he went or what happened to him, and with no access to the renowned ancestral memory known as Legion, Jacob is deposited into a world he doesn't understand. He is a man out of time, a man who has lost so much, but one who still has a mission; he's going to save the world. 

Told across five case-files, Tomes, Tumult & Trickery explores the world of the Parliament of Crowe from the different and diverse perspectives of the members of the 2018 Parliament. 

  • The Girl who wasn't there - While investigating the death of a woman, Michelle and Gabriella encounter not only a Glaaki cult operating in Boston but another secret organization working their own diabolic agenda. 

  • The Contrary Cube - Under the pretence of an engagement party, Jeremy is invited to a friend's estate only to find an ancient device waiting for him in the basement. A captive to a race of time-travelling aliens, Jeremy must figure out how to use the device before time runs out for him. 

  • Busman's Holiday - Taking Jacob on a milk-run to London to acquire a rare tome, Abby soon finds herself without Jacob, without the tome, and in a race against time to recover both before the Children of Cthulhu can rise and complete their aeon's old task. 

  • Bug House - While Gabriella escorts Jacob and Jeremy across the country on what Caleb calls a PR campaign, they answer the call for help from a nearby solitaire outpost. There, they encounter an alien bug known as a Migo and are besieged by an unknown entity referred to only as the Tellurian. 

  • Stratford - As Elizabeth Stratford prepared for one of her greatest challenges, she reflects on the path she took to get here. From joining Jacob's Parliament to the loss of her husband at Innsmouth, she considered her place in the world as she prepares for a showdown at the foot of the Giza plateau. 

Synopsis for Book #2 - Spoilers for Book #1

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