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Cyberpunk Thriller

Book #1 (Keiretsu Heresy) available from Amazon
(Kindle, Paperback and Kindle Unlimited)

The world according to Harrison Webb

Harrison Webb spent his entire career fixing other people problems and correcting their mistakes. In the underground where he cut his teeth, he was an enforcer for whichever gangland boss was in ascendancy. On the streets, he was a fixer for one crime syndicate or another. He only truly became monogamous when he entered the hallways of the megacorporation, OmniTech. 

He has been a soldier and a spy, an assassin and a diplomat, a negotiator and a wartime consigliere. And now, with the merger of OmniTech and their one-time rival megacorp BioDyne, it looks like he may become that most rare of individual in 22nd Century America; an elder statesman. 

On the day of the signing of the merger, on the day when two megacorps become one gigacorp, Harrison Webb goes missing. Where did he go? Who did he go to? Is this a kidnapping, an attack against OmniTech on their day of glory? Or is it something else? Could one of the most devious men in the corporate world be up to something? 

OmniTech soldier Parker Barrow and BioDyne agent Charlotte Tanaka are sent out to find Webb before he can do anything untoward or before anything unfortunate can happen to him. With the clock ticking its way down to the historic merger, it becomes a question of who will get to Harrison first. 

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