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First off, I am not a pirate. 

My name is Al and I write science fiction & fantasy. You'll find many different subgenres in my library. Cyberpunk & modern fantasy, Lovecraftian thriller & post-apocalyptic magick-resurgence adventure... that old chestnut. 

What's more to tell? I'm a resident of the socialist paradise known as the Republic of Ireland. I have a couple of college degrees and before (and hopefully after COVID) I was/am quite fond of hitting willing people with sticks. In truth, most often, I'm the one being hit, but hey; that's life. It happens to be a martial art called Kendo, but we do not kink shame around these parts. 

My literary influences include Joss Whedon, GRRM, J. Michael Straczynski, and Warren Ellis. As one can imagine, I'm a strong proponent of the concept of death of the author. One can't help to find something compelling, something thought-provoking even if the writer turns out to be a shit.

I'm reasonably intelligent, but overly opinionated. I'm more of a dog person than a cat one and when did this become a profile!? 

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