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    the Way of the Quantamancer, book #2.1    

THE WAY OF THE QUANTAMANCER, pt1 is being released on 18th March 2023, with pt2 to be released in early June 2023. 

Technology has fallen; the political constructs of modernity have vanished, to be replaced by governments of all sorts. Some benign, others tyrannical. It is through this world, this Realm, each of our protagonists continue their journeys. Thaddeus will go north, Edgar east and Danny continues to be pulled west. 

Quantamancy, book 2, part 1_edited.jpg

    Sunday Morning Shrapnel, book #2    

Screenshot 2023-11-17 221302.png

The second book in the SCRIVEN OF SOHO series, SUNDAY MORNING SHRAPNEL will be released in September 2024.  

In over his head is Oliver Vance's perpetual state, but the Scriven of Soho is soon to find that in veiled London, social mobility is positively medieval. Meanwhile, a conflict is brewing in the back streets of London faire. A contest to which is as much technological as ideological. A clash of titans which is nothing less than Promethean. 

    Parliament of Crowe, book #3a and 3b    


The third book of PARLIAMENT OF CROWE is proving to be quite the monster (no pun intended) I'm about a third of the way through, and THE TERROR OF ALL MY TOMORROWS is already (approximately) five hundred pages. As such, with a now expected 1,200-1,500 page range, I'm planning on "storm of swords'ing" it into two.

As other projects have moved up in priority, POC #3 will not be seen until 2026. The aim is to have the release dates of 2nd quarter and 4th quarter of 2026.

This will bring the first 'season' of POC to a close. 


Screenshot 2023-11-17 221934.png

Magick is change. And whether the paradigm of that change is technological, religious or nefarious, the mages of the city of Stonehaven know that the potential of change rests in no greater source than the EXPLOITS. Hyperdimensional expressions of pure magick, they have not been seen in decades and the first facet is about to appear. 

The race is on to find the facet, explore the exploit, and answer that most telling of questions; how would you change the world? 

Planned to be released in a clutch of three, the first novella in the Exploit series is set to be released across 2026

    Distant Horizons    

The first of the DISTANT HORIZONS' novella, THE GATES OF DUNBAR, will also be released in 2025.

This series follows the lives of the last gasp of humanity as they eek out a living on an ancient starship. Hundreds of years ago, the great engines which pushed the generational ship Distant Horizons through the void went cold. Soon thereafter, the computer screens went dark. Thousands died; starvation was rampant; medicine in short supply. In the calamities which befell the great starship, technologies were lost, their very existence drifting into myth. 

The plan is to release all three novella within the same calendar year, so I will be delaying release until I have the second complete and working on the third. 

DIstant Horizon_01_edited.jpg
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